On Jane Roe

AKA Jane Roe PosterOr, Norma McCorvey, her given Christian name. Apparently, there’s a documentary coming out today that is generating fuss and foment among the two political halves of the abortion divide.

I went down the rabbit hole on another social media platform the other day, suggesting that this is a black eye for the political pro-life movement. It seems that Ms McCorvey was a paid political spokesperson for the Cause. And apparently not paid all that well, at least in her own opinion. And even according to one of her handlers.

A friend of a friend suggested the whole kerfuffle was a Plot because we all know the Other Side is not at all trustworthy. My friend said it would seem that watching the documentary, then making a decision on the truthiness of it all, would be prudent. I think people on both sides have their minds made up. The facts, whatever they may be, won’t dissuade them.

It does seem there’s a lot of money floating around abortion. There’s money to be made from a medical procedure. Two major political parties develop a lot of donations by generating alarm that there will be political movement on an issue about which people feel strongly.

I can imagine the world’s arms dealers were alarmed at the events in Eastern Europe toward the end of the last century. Now that there’s no Cold War (or extended Great War 1914-91) who will accelerate a race to mutually assured destruction? Never fear, now we have China, Russia, and the US playing with toys again, plus bit players in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and a few other places. Throw in a virus and climate change, and suddenly making threats against kids from Sweden to the town high school is de rigueur and bringing artillery to state capitols is a fashion statement promoting mani-pedis.

Are you catching my cynicism yet?

I think it’s entirely believable that Fr Pavone, Ms McCorvey, and a host of others in the modern world want to make money. They might have different standards: lifting themselves out of poverty, grifting and counter-grifting, all the way up to fast food served on silver trays and gold-plated toilets.

I do not plan to view this documentary. I no longer have a hulu subscription. I do not plan to comment on it further. My cynicism on political matters is already cranked high enough.

In the rabbit hole the other day, a person presenting as a True Believer asked me if I was pro-choice. He didn’t place a question mark on his question and in my dyslexic moment, I interpreted his sentence as a statement. Thus slipping a little deeper down the hole.  I didn’t need that, and neither did my foil.

For me, cynicism is healthy. It prevents me from becoming a True Believer. It helps me keep oriented to Christ. And not to any Cause. Or even an anti-cause, like the blanket criticism of Causes.

I think a person can be skeptical about most anything these days. It is our era. But at some point one has to plant one’s flag on a real hill and stake a claim to a real belief. I choose not to stick something in the ground, only to find I’ve popped the big balloon on which I’ve been standing. Capisci?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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