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The Truth Shop

Are you familiar with the Anthony De Mello fable from his book  Song of the Bird? I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the name of the shop: THE TRUTH SHOP. The salesgirl was very polite: What type … Continue reading

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On Kneeling

I was raised in a family filled with military veterans. I was also a proud member of the Scouting movement. I’ve always associated my sense of patriotism with a respect for persons. I believe in human rights balanced with a … Continue reading

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Not That Funny

As I have attempted to become more mature in my life, I discovered that what passes for good humor in some circles, flies like mud from a puddle in others. Some jokes are unfit for children, clergy, men, women, musicians, … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 15: Transforming Relationships

Human beings are social creatures. Yes, introverts, that means y’all too. Living in cooperation with beings of our own species and with other life is hard-wired into us. You can say it’s how God made us. You can say it … Continue reading

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