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Night Prayer Scripture: Tuesday

As the first letter of Peter comes to a close, a warning that was real for the people of the ancient Middle East, at least those who wandered out in the wilderness after dark. Lions are mentioned in the Bible … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: John 6:53-58

The pastoral care Lectionary intersects with some of the Gospel reading for this coming Sunday. Or Thursday if you live in special Catholic places that don’t move feasts to the weekend: Jesus said to the people, “Amen, amen, I say … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 23ab: The Missionary Mandate In Scripture

This section looks at the notion of mandate/mission. It’s a long bit, and gets into some depth, so I’d like to tackle the first half today and the rest tomorrow. Jesus’ clear intention was that his disciples would carry on … Continue reading

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