We had our first re-opening Mass earlier tonight. We had some bugs, but it went okay. We were below our limit of fifty. I think we would have had room for eight or ten more people. Our mid-morning Mass tomorrow is full. The elderly person Mass at 8AM has some spots.

No congregational singing, and we’ve been discouraged from offering any music with which anyone would be tempted to sing along. At first, my lovely wife and tonight’s psalmist, just wanted to present the psalm as has been dictated: all verses and no antiphon. Then she surprised me this morning with this suggestion. And the vocal version of this tune. Good call. I’ve never played either on piano–they both go back to my pre-keyboard stage as a church musician. The John Foley composition especially struck me–I know the passage quite well and I certainly know the recording. I don’t play from the score usually; but after a run through, I think I had sparked my memory of the accompaniment.

More mainstream fare for tomorrow. We are playing music before Mass, leading into the entrance of the clergy and during the distribution of Communion after Mass. But familiar songs. One suggestion from the diocese was to sing Mass settings “nobody knew,” but that’s more work for singers who, in the summer, just don’t want to fuss with.

Of late, I’ve entertained the thought once or twice of why didn’t I become an astronomer. I had to review and remember important moments as a church musician to root myself in the present reality. I think I will need to continue this exercise in the weeks ahead.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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