Opening Or Not

Orlando Pride logo.svgSo the first US pro sports team backtracks from competition. In a blow for reopening, ten players and team personnel tested positive Monday. The Orlando Pride is staying home. Nobody’s admitting it was recreational drinking in Florida public, but that’s the report. Not a proud moment, I suppose.

With baseball heading to spring summer training in southern hotspots, including in the aforementioned 27th state, men’s soccer and basketball heading to a tournament in the same state, I wonder how athletes and those who profit from sport are looking at this episode. Asian and European sports are sticking a foot into restarted competitions. Early epicenters seem to have advanced well into recovery, health and economy. I can only imagine the blow to American prestige if a wave of infection hits athletes, locales, or both and the biggest god, American football, must be sacrificed on the altar of common sense. Ah, the ignominy: watching 0-0 draws instead of 123-122 or 10-9 or 34-31 thrillers. And all overseas to boot.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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