Aspiring To New Heights

The pieces have been on site for some weeks, I’m told. The architect and crane came today. I’m on vacation this week, but I came in for a meeting with an engaged couple. I was glad to enjoy one of the highlights of 2020, a completed spire and cross. Here, one of the last pieces goes in:

A lot of people complain about “churches that don’t look like churches.” When they blame Vatican II, they are likely wrong. There are often many reasons. Some are pragmatic: parishes in the US built for education, not liturgy. This was true in my parish.

A second parish was designated for the city of Bremerton in the 1960s. The archbishop instructed the founding pastor to build a school and gym to go with a modest office and rectory. As it was told to me, a reconsideration was accomplished well into construction or shortly after. The other parish had a school also, and perhaps it would be better to change the Holy Trinity sports center into a church. And the next half-century was set with a basketball court retrofitted for Mass.

The last major piece of the puzzle is seating; pews are coming from Texas, and have been delayed as workplace restrictions stretch out the timetable.

The question on many minds: what will the Church (the people, not the building) look like when the pandemic passes. For us, who will gather under the spire and cross?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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