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Inside Job

According to the AP, a parishioner started the fire at the cathedral in Nantes, France. He was charged with locking the building at night, and according to his lawyer … He confessed to the allegations against him which, as the … Continue reading

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Penny Lame?

With trillions going out to businesses, working-no-longer folk, and a few rich dudes, somebody’s thinking about saving a cent or two. Or not. This news item outlines the basic argument against minting the one-cent coin. Minting seven billion of the … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 49a: Universal Establishment

The Lord’s mandate at his Ascension seems clear enough: proclaim the Good News to all people. First come communities, then come churches: It is necessary first and foremost to strive to establish Christian communities everywhere, communities which are “a sign … Continue reading

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