Another Infection

It’s not an appropriate time to suggest, “I told you so.” Maybe it never is. When I saw the headline in my news feed, “D.C. pastor tests positive for coronavirus,” I was seriously thinking, ah, I hope it’s not him. The one who misunderstands prudence and calls it fear. I read the article. Sad to say, it was.

Sad to say, it also means two weeks of stay-at-home isolation and symptom monitoring for people who received the Eucharist from any of five Masses during the 25-27 July period. According to the WaPo:

He apologized for the “inconvenience” he had caused parishioners who were asked to quarantine.

I watched part of his video too, and by the five-minute mark the reassurance of his own better health outnumbered apologies 2-to-1. I’m not sure about the “alcohol” purification he cites. I trust it was part of a sanitizing gel or spray and not just oral medication.

On a serious note, I can remember to pray for the man. How about this litany:

  • I pray that you have no virus funeral this year for which to prepare a homily
  • I pray you don’t die from some time bomb killer anytime in the next decade
  • I pray for your ears to be open to criticism and the ability to receive it gracefully
  • Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for this man now, and all the days of his life


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Another Infection

  1. Devin Rice says:

    To be fair to Msgr. Pope, him being infected with Covid 19 in itself is irrelevant to his earlier post (while I was sympathetic to parts of his post, I am mostly in favor of the government and diocesan regulations). He was criticizing the restrictions in proportion to his perceived threat of Covid 19. Honestly even his dying from the disease would not make him a hypocrite. His being infected with Covid 19 has resulted in imposition of regulations on himself and others which he himself may not endorse in total (or perhaps he has personally changed his mind) but is apparently willing to follow.

    Maybe he has truly changed his mind or is just sorry about the situation itself and the regulatory hoops everyone has to go through which he himself would not impose?

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