Vote Center, Day 2

As a practice run for the November elections, our county auditor and team have set up a three-day presence at three vote center locations in our county. I’ve been moved off the second-shift ballot processing team for these three days. It’s much quieter than seeing thousands of ballots roll through our rooms at the county building.

The new Marvin Williams Recreation Center (above, right) near the Bremerton ferry port is our newest center. Here, tomorrow, you can visit between 7AM and 8PM to drop off a ballot, get a replacement for a lost or damaged ballot, or even register and vote on the same day.

We have a sensible approach to voting, as many states do. I did see a recent ignorant comment from a federal official who compared absentee voting with voting-by-mail. The former, supposedly personally useful and the latter untrustworthy. The individual did not realize the two are virtually the same, making the comment rather silly.

Sadly, a voter came by today with worries about the USPS being untrustworthy and wanting to make sure the vote counted. We were happy to serve. But the dissing of voting by mail is, quite frankly, un-American and unpatriotic, whether it comes from elected officials, Facebook University (FU) grads, or Chinese or Russian hires in social media.

My urging here is to remind readers that many local elections are on the line this year, not just those who will be sent to DC. Not just governors or state capitol servants. Most good public servants begin by serving in their communities, cities, and counties. That pipeline can be bypassed by gifted persons. (I don’t include celebrities of any kind in that category of “gifted.”)

Remember to vote this year. And every year. And every election in every year. Even if the number of races and candidates seems too large, you can always vote just the top spots, or just the locals.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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