Real Versus Virtual

The family and I enjoyed a nice day trip to Mount Rainier today. We didn’t get home too late, and I was hoping to download some of my images to share here and on another social media platform.

It’s really too bad that various tinkerers with the google and the facebook weaken their product by incessant lack-of-improvements to the platforms. Ever since my phone updated earlier today, some wonky things have appeared and I’ve been unable to route captures through it to my computer. Likewise, the new facebook set-up is decidedly a step backward, maybe even into the blackberry era. It might seem that designers need to change things around to justify their employment. I’m somewhat sympathetic to people holding down jobs. It would seem that kind of time is better spent combating fake news, racism, and other societal ills.

The good news is that not so many images got lost, and I spent most all of my day enjoying the grandeur of creation, and the whiplash between geology and biology.

Maybe I’ll post some scenic stuff in the next few days or so.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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