Running Out of Names

As a self-professed science geek, I confess I was unaware of the tradition of naming Atlantic hurricanes after Greek letters once the 21 assigned names were exhausted. I guess we’ll know we’re in trouble if we get to Hurricane Omega.

I would’ve thought that we restart at A, but no, according to meteorologist James Franklin:

I remembered proposing internally towards the end of 2005 as we got to the beginning of November that we come up with a secondary list of regular names that we would just use instead. Actually the rest of my colleagues internally at [the National Hurricane Center] decided ‘nah, let’s not do that,’ but then it got proposed elsewhere from [the National Weather Service] too.

Names beginning with the letters Q, U, and XYZ are not considered.

Maybe hyphenated or double names would clue future researchers that Hurricane Anne-Marie or Hurricane Billy Joe were numbers 22 and 23, not the first two on the docket.

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2 Responses to Running Out of Names

  1. Liam says:

    Well, American double-names are code-unfriendly. Annemarie is better than Anne Marie. Giancarlo is better than John Charles or Jack Chuck.

    Hope we never get to Hurricane Psi, ψ. After all the grousing I heard from Wx folks (at least on the MAGAKAG side of things) about Isaias, asking them to pronounce the Greek letters the Hellenic way rather than the fraternity Greek way would be fun….

    (Which reminds me I really to prefer Bible translations that offer accent guides to pronunciation. I don’t understand why the American lectionary doesn’t include, given the relative lack of deep familiarity with publicly proclaiming Biblical names for American Catholics that American Protestants used to commonly have.)

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