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Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Who was it who sang, “Fifty-seven channels and nothing’s on”? This tune is outdated in the era of streaming tv. We have literally tens of thousands of channels today. How to find something interesting and worthwhile? I recently stumbled onto … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 83ab: Promotion and Formation

This section addresses “Missionary Promotion and Formation Among the People of God.” Missionary formation is the task of the local Church, assisted by missionaries and their institutes, and by personnel from the young churches. This work must be seen not … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Way Of The Heart

Every so often, I find something remarkable on my wife’s bookshelf. Recently, this book caught my notice. As I paged through the first page of the prologue, I was struck by the author’s observation of the world of forty years … Continue reading

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