Who was it that said that little dollop about faith and disbelief?

For the person of faith no proof is necessary; for the non-believer, no proof will be enough.

Probably Chesterton.

Anyway, the same kind of thing seems to apply to the US president and his true believers. He indeed could stand on a New York City street corner and shoot someone dead every ten minutes. And for some, it would be fake news.

I notice in social media and even on mainstream news, much is made of that tax bill paid in full. I think it’s all irrelevant. They say ninety percent of the voting public is decided on the choiuce for federal executive. Ten is still within the margin of error, so there’s that.

I made some comment about a particular rich person being a freeloader, like some other wealthy people. I was accused, of course, of advocating for the violent removal of gold, jewels, and stock portfolios from yachts, private jets, and super-sized mcmansions. I wasn’t hardly. I was just suggesting that expectations are turned on their head. And that some rich people profit off the labors, tears, suffering, and grit of the poor. Funny, but doesn’t that sound just like what complaints some people make about actual poor folk?

I say, “Let ’em keeping their stinkin’ money.” Fat lot of good it will do. Keep believing a certain business hero is the bee’s knees. Peek in a 23rd century US history book. See where that gets you.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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