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Mars In Opposition

What is an opposition? It has nothing to do with US elections. It occurs in astronomy when two planets and a star they orbit line up more or less exactly. It takes the blue planet (Earth) a bit more than … Continue reading

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Of Columbus

I know the holiday is here by the apologists who contribute to my communication feeds. I’ve been a Knight of Columbus for over twenty years. Perhaps the national office’s presumption is that they will find a friendly eye and ear … Continue reading

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Which Comes First?

Fact-check or spell-check? I don’t have a problem with entertainment folk diving into politics. I think satire can be a good release, a sort-of third millennium court jesterhood. So, this headline appeared on my social media feed: Any Coney Barrett Says … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 9: Dark Clouds

Chapter One of Fratelli Tutti describes “Dark Clouds Over A Closed World.” Too negative? I think not. The powers-that-be are threatened and in some quarters, desperate to put down people’s movements for a better life.  Paragraph 9, briefly: 9. Without … Continue reading

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