Fratelli Tutti 15: Spreading Discouragement

Always keep  in mind that if you want to go directly to the document, click here. A long group of paragraphs begins here under the heading, “Lacking A Plan For Everyone.” 

15. The best way to dominate and gain control over people is to spread despair and discouragement, even under the guise of defending certain values.

Quite true. It’s a psychological reality that unhappy and dissatisfied people find it easier to drag others into the pit rather than climb out of it themselves. It really has little to do with values. Values can be lies. 

Today, in many countries, hyperbole, extremism and polarization have become political tools. Employing a strategy of ridicule, suspicion and relentless criticism, in a variety of ways one denies the right of others to exist or to have an opinion. Their share of the truth and their values are rejected and, as a result, the life of society is impoverished and subjected to the hubris of the powerful. Political life no longer has to do with healthy debates about long-term plans to improve people’s lives and to advance the common good, but only with slick marketing techniques primarily aimed at discrediting others. In this craven exchange of charges and counter-charges, debate degenerates into a permanent state of disagreement and confrontation.

The whole point of political life is to improve life and address what is needed for the common good. Miserable people want company. They can now find like-minded naysayers online and together they amass an out-sized share of attention with their tantrums.

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