Fratelli Tutti 16: Noticing Those Who Have Fallen

Always keep in mind that if you want to go directly to the document, click here. Another Ignatian thought here in paragraph 16, which leads to a question. Does the Christian notice people who have dropped off the public radar? 

16. Amid the fray of conflicting interests, where victory consists in eliminating one’s opponents, how is it possible to raise our sights to recognize our neighbors or to help those who have fallen along the way? A plan that would set great goals for the development of our entire human family nowadays sounds like madness. We are growing ever more distant from one another, while the slow and demanding march towards an increasingly united and just world is suffering a new and dramatic setback.

The world, then. Unity is a human value. It permits us to address worldwide problems of the species, especially climate change. That challenge is significant because it impacts everything else that is important for physical well-being: food, shelter, and health. Justice affects the human quality of life. These are not exclusively Christian or even religious concerns, but for Christianity to be important in guiding members, seekers, and others, we must assess and offer our perspective.

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