Saint Andrew

One of my name saints had a feast today. Andrew gets overlooked sometimes. Fourteen percent of the time the First Sunday of Advent takes precedence.

I chose Andrew as my confirmation saint in 1972. He was the patron of my parish. My sponsor shared that name. I liked that he was the first apostle in the timeline of the Gospels.

My wife reminded me of the day, and that in our family even confirmation saints are a cause for festivity. No argument from me. So it was takeout from a Mediterranean restaurant in our new neighborhood. I got to sample some of the young miss’s tabouleh. I finished my wife’s gyro sandwich and had some falafel of my own.

If I wanted to be authentic, I suppose some Scottish sausage and ale would have aligned more fittingly. Anybody else in the reading audience remember or celebrate their name saints?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Saint Andrew

  1. Devin Rice says:

    November 13th is St. Devinicus (latin) from Scotland. Also appearing as Dewynnik, Devenic, Defnyk. Not much known about his life other than a missionary to the Picts.

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