Doctrine And Second Form

An awkward spot for the USCCB Doctrine committee is how it handles “cup.” I think what it says about wine is well-taken. Though I think context is always key. Altar wine is the subject of stringent regulations. Grapes and wine are part of a significant Bible witness in terms of story detail, parables, and sayings. When the Eucharistic liturgy speaks of “cup,” we know it’s wine. Not beer, mead, water, or even milk and honey.

From page 5:

Scripture, of course, also does not speak of “chalice.” It’s one of the ideological stumbling blocks of the English translation: the contrast in fuss about “chalice” for what the clergy say and “cup” as the term used by the people.

That said, I think this is a valuable document as a conversation starter or continuation. It has valid points as well as theological flaws. Musical texts are important enough that this discernment must continue. We are doing better since the 1970s, but can do better still.

Remember to check all of the Catholic Hymnody document on this link.



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