Getting Sloppy

A British football manager is quoted after more than half of his league’s matches were called off yesterday:

Oxford United manager Karl Robinson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme some clubs were getting “sloppy”.

“I can’t come on 100%, but what I know is that certain clubs are doing things slightly wrong,” he continued.

“I think there’s some clubs using gyms inside with too many players. If we want our game to carry on, which in my view I think it should, I think we have to get back to how we were when football first returned.”

Big-time teams in any sport can afford to be diligent. Ones with fewer resources, less so. Perhaps the same is true of businesses, families, churches, individual persons. The less wealthy seem to be under more pressure to keep their jobs, but the high and mighty are being felled by the virus in noticeable numbers too.

I observe a great fatigue and impatience. On television it would have all been resolved by now. In Australian sport, we see no masking or distancing, like in this event on the 29th:

Down under, perhaps things are indeed under control. The young miss commented things are spread out on their continent. Geographically, she’s right. Elsewhere in the world, we have poor leadership, distribution hang-ups, and a lot of infighting over the best way to sustain an economy.

To be honest, I feel the virus fatigue myself–the psychological not the physical. Maybe I’m a little less attentive to my hands, and feeling a little more bold about shopping. Maybe I’m better off staying home a bit more often.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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