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Is It About Money And Power?

Pope Francis suggests two factors for “so much resistance” with his intended reforms of canonical handling of marriages. From his off-the-cuff remarks a few days ago: The pope also said he was saddened to see “resistance in some dioceses by … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 86: Inalienable Human Dignity

Let’s start with a good musing: 86. I sometimes wonder why, in light of this, it took so long for the Church unequivocally to condemn slavery and various forms of violence. Some will fuss about things like the development of … Continue reading

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Our American Refugees

Some call if couch-surfing, but given the level of hatred circulating in the Trumpiverse, it’s not too different from keeping one step ahead of gang execution. Not unlike people south of the border. If that’s not a potential conversion experience, … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 85: Recognizing Christ

85. For Christians, the words of Jesus have an even deeper meaning. They compel us to recognize Christ himself in each of our abandoned or excluded brothers and sisters (cf. Mt 25:40.45). The first of three important aspects of the … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 84: The Plea Of The Stranger

Clearly, Jesus and modern people have two vastly different notions of the stranger. This paragraph and the two that follow discuss “The plea of the stranger.” 84. Finally, I would note that in another passage of the Gospel Jesus says: … Continue reading

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Of 25

Breaking from my tendency to eschew public revelation about my family, I will say that a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gives me cause for reflection. It was on my parents’ that my two younger siblings and I were baptized in 1970. … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 83: Expanding Frontiers

Saint Luke was not the only evangelist to confront prejudice and urge his followers to Jesus’ call for a deeper holiness. Pope Francis reminds us that the Lord’s discussion with a woman of Samaria would have been upsetting to some … Continue reading

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A Verse Of Paul

In observance of today’s feast, a social media friend polled his contacts today for a favorite verse from Saint Paul. Like many of his friends, I struggled to think of a single favorite. Two snarky thoughts popped into my head. … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 82: A Detail On Samaritans

This would be the troubling point of Jesus’ parable. the testimony of Ben Sira was not that old (a century or so) to the Jews of the first century. 82. The parable, though, is troubling, for Jesus says that that … Continue reading

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It’s been whispered that there’s “blowback” from Archbishop Gomez’s statement on President Biden. Republican friends, relatives, and websites have been surfacing on my social media connections. Some comments are rightfully concerned. That’s okay. Many people don’t realize the history of … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 81: Crossing Barriers

In calling us to ever higher standards of ethics and virtue, Jesus drops as much as a cultural no-no on his sister and brother Jews of his time: be a neighbor and go above and beyond to a person of … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Psalm 71

The 71st Psalm is assigned to the Holy Week Lectionary for Tuesday. It has an echo with Good Friday’s Psalm 31. It is also a possibility for the pastoral care for people who are sick and dying. Scripture scholars classify … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 80: Neighbors Without Borders

Paragraphs 80 through 83 fall under the title of “Neighbors without borders.” We know Jesus was in conversation about the greatest commandment. When urged to love neighbor as self, the Lord is questioned. The answer might bother us today, but … Continue reading

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On My Tube: WandaVision

As opposed to my less than high regard for The Great, one new show I do enjoy is the latest offering in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Only three episodes have dropped as of this writing. My wife and daughter were more … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 79: The Duty Of Helping

79. The Samaritan who stopped along the way departed without expecting any recognition or gratitude. His effort to assist another person gave him great satisfaction in life and before his God, and thus became a duty. All of us have … Continue reading

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