I have a suspicion this number will be remembered long into the coming year. A new meme, like Baby Yoda or the white cat at the dinner table. Already on social media I’m seeing things.

  • Find 11,780 more dollars in my bank account. Clearly your e-statements and ATM are off.
  • Find 11,780 more toys under the tree; clearly Santa got this messed up.
  • Find 11,780 more social media likes, or thumbs, or hearts. Mark Bezos or Jeff Zuckerberg have been censoring my friends.

Just think of the lost numbers: frequent flier miles, dinner reservations, streaming channels on my sling tv, some athlete’s hall of fame profile. On that last point, I don’t think there have ever been 11,780 goals scored in all the history of professional soccer. But I’m sure they can be found somewhere. Just fling oneself on the ground and whine till it shows up.

There’s no telling where it will all end in January 2021. But I’m betting that will be a big number in February.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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