Et Tu, Racism?

Fallout from sedition at the Capitol will be settling for some time. The president’s supporters have forced racism into the limelight yet again. At some point the US will need a reckoning on it, difficult as that may be for conservatives and liberals alike.

Social media friends were quick to comment on Wednesday the difference between how the 2020 protests were handled. Of course, the BLM outrage was directed at local police as part of the nation’s problem. If whites in blue were feeling threatened, they certainly interpreted that accurately.

A friend’s friend on social media offered up a what-about-Kavanaugh to me. Discounting the white Karens, it’s also about sexism. Policing the protesting of the Supreme Court was a very tidy affair compared to this past week.

My hope is that if police indeed see allies in the white privilege movement, the loss of one of their own on Wednesday will wake them up. Violent agitators would sweep them away if given the opportunity. Siding with seditionists might save one’s skin in a tough moment, but as they say, the whole world is watching now. The next protest that involves women or people of color, we’ll be watching very closely.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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