Some of my friends in social media are wringing hands over a certain purging on certain platforms. I’m still reading them on the main ones, including blogs, so it hasn’t hit just yet to the ordinary everyday non-seditionist.

ParlerSo, the facebook alternative parler lost its service provider. Despite being used by last Wednesday’s rioters, this is supposedly a bad thing. Someone choosing not to do business is a business thing isn’t it? I’m not sure it’s really prejudice against conservatives as such. Just the ones acting like jerks.

I asked a friend who migrated to parler some questions. If I wanted to post my thoughts on a more popular person’s social media site, why shouldn’t I have the freedom to do so? Am I being censored in the same way that amazon and the google aren’t providing for conservatives?

Not too sure about some of the complaints. I definitely see a lot of conservatives on facebook, for instance. I also read the criticism of big tech, and I wouldn’t stoop to defend big corporations. I’m just as skeptical of big oil and others. I think many of my friends on the right would be alarmed to find we were in agreement about big things bad and small things good. I also know that the parler braintrust is less forgiving of critics on their platform than Mark Z is on his.

Meanwhile, I think Stephen King censored me by not having me write a chapter in one of his bestsellers and getting me 5% royalties.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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