White Danger

Blizzard1 - NOAA.jpgWell yes, that whiteness is certainly a danger.

I’ve attempted to engage a few people on social media with their alarm (which I know is genuine) about social media groups getting “cancelled.” I was also following some news where law enforcement agencies determined that overlooking the president’s January 6th mob was a sound approach compared to women, blacks, and others of non-whiteness.

Big, big error, it seems.

Ask white policemen who were trampled, injured, and killed in the events at the Capitol.

Am I concerned for conservatives as a “big” group getting put down by progressives as a “little” group? No. First, I think that diehard conservatives and progressives inhabit small portions on the fringes of the political spectrum. Second, if seventy-four million Americans really wanted to hunt down Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi and put them to death, I have no problem with a smaller group of eighty-one million sending them to the time-out corner.

I do have observations about the early days of 2021:

  • I’m concerned about non-violent protesters losing their jobs.
  • That said, if a person violated the law at the Capitol last week and is convicted to prison time, I don’t see how an employer can be required to hold a job until its yellow ribbon time on the old oak tree.
  • But I am in favor of ex-convicts being able to get good employment and return to society as law-abiding taxpaying voters and otherwise good citizens.
  • I’ve been a skeptic on social media from the start. I use it to connect with family and friends. I enjoy the political or religious repartee. But it’s a pale second place to actually engaging people live and in person.
  • I recognize that so-called big tech is little different from big ag, big oil, big media. They’re in it to make money for shareholders and huge money for founders. They use me, and I use them.
  • I don’t think a social media group has any more right to a mostly free platform than I have for desiring to post an essay on a more popular blogger’s website.
  • If it seems like some conservatives are getting picked on this past week, maybe it’s because they’ve gotten largely a free pass most of the last year. It’s just catching up to them.

Politically, religiously, or whatever, I have no problem with conservatives in principle. I observe many of them have migrated far away from original creeds. Their groups seem little interested in tacking farther from their extremist portions. They will lose the center, people of color, the young, the newcomers to the US. No wonder they seem to want to obstruct good things from the majority of their neighbors if the other side is behind it. No wonder they want to limit voting opportunities. No wonder they often have to peddle lies. No wonder they want to cut off hard-working contributors to our society if they are coming from other nations.

As an older white man, I strive to look to where others are persecuted. Women. Blacks. Young people. As a Christian I’m concerned about the religious persecution of Jews, Muslims, and yes, even pagans. As one born in this country, I’m concerned about immigrants, refugees, and visitors. As one who has abandoned public protesting, I’m concerned about peaceful protesters and their mistreatment by yes, old white male Christian Americans.

Yes, some white people present a grave danger to the US. Seems like last week woke up some people. Good. And may good come of it.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to White Danger

  1. Claire says:

    Christian blindness to truth continues. Allowing one group to burn loot and murder and listening to Democrats on CNN and all other Democrat controlled media make light of such, including the destruction of cities, towns, businesses and life and then blame the white man, the Republican is shameful and deadly for all peoples. It does nothing for the black community and they also find it awarding to hate one race over another, as you also have shown. A black man (John Sullivan) and Antifa and BLM members also went to destroy the Capital and all the left did was blame the President and the Republicans. That is pure ignorance. Many think they are “good” persons, perhaps their own closed minds to conservatives and the reeling in of their own agendas keep them blinded. Too many of the left like to hear themselves speak way too often. The left has been so great; society destruction is their proof of how wrong they really are. Over 30 million liberal Democratic followers murder babies (over 63 million babies dead to date) and millions more euthanize and do other unthinkable damage daily to the weakest of society. Democrat cities have daily shoot outs and murders, but that’s ok and don’t include that in any stats! Get off your white horse and look at the real Liberal Democrat society, it’s not so nice and this election proved how nasty the left really are, the sneaky unhanded deceptive reality of the Democrats came to life. Candice Owens has a good book out, also Larry Elder, Jimmy Tillman and a favourite Thomas Sowell. Cheers and may we all be better and work towards truly being good.

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