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Liking The Wrong Kind Of Ideology

Disliking people and advocating for their “cancellation” is hardly a staple of those currently in political ascendancy. Anyone who believes themselves in ascendancy seems to want to wade in those waters. A social media friend noticed a conservative fanboy criticizing a … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 76: Turning To The Injured Man

76. Let us turn at last to the injured man. There are times when we feel like him, badly hurt and left on side of the road. We can also feel helpless because our institutions are neglected and lack resources, … Continue reading

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How Long? Not Long

Year after year, this question and answer give me chills as I listen to Joseph Schwantner’s epic setting of Dr King’s words. In this video of a fine college performance, it begins just before the 16 minute mark, but listening … Continue reading

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