On My Tube: WandaVision

As opposed to my less than high regard for The Great, one new show I do enjoy is the latest offering in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Only three episodes have dropped as of this writing. My wife and daughter were more skeptics on WandaVision than I was. Despite being the least-in-the-know about Marvel stuff, I think I enjoyed this show the most of the three of us.

Strange stuff is afoot as the first episodes borrow mood and set from early 60s and early 70s television sit-coms. There’s a slow reveal of menace, but the viewer isn’t sure what superheroes in their secret identities are doing stuffed into a television universe that fast forwards years between episodes and months within them.

I think Marvel fans would find it all intriguing. People unaccustomed to fantasy would likely find it bewildering. A great show, so far. By episode three, the main characters seem to have an inkling that something is wrong. The in-camera switch to color from b&w didn’t seem to do it much. A surprise pregnancy likewise. But a slip of a neighbor’s tongue does something, but what it is, isn’t clear.

Recommended if you’re not bothered by the strange and curious.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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