Latest Cancellation

Cara Dune Star Wars.jpgThe actor who portrays a beloved character in the Star Wars “Universe” is pink-slipped by the corporation in charge. Outrage preceding and following, predictably, from different sides.

Regular readers here know I’m a skeptic on firing people. I think that tactic is often a cop-out. People need their jobs. And if they’re good at what they do, they’re more valuable than a run-of-the-mill boss. What is needed is more dialogue, listening to another’s viewpoint, making real friends: these things take time. They are worth it because people are worth it. When the perception is that they are not, usually it’s because people are valued less than things.

Combing through news stories on Ms Carano, it seems some people spent some time to take her aside and explain why her behavior was being criticized. So she changed some things, and doubled down on others. From what I see, the woman is tenacious and competitive. Total retreat is distasteful. Being told what to do, likewise. I see that.

One problem surfacing here is that there’s a distinction between promoting conservativism and promoting outright lies. That a person adopts conservative political positions and votes for candidates that reflect it: that’s one thing. Promoting the lie that fraud stained the 2020 federal election: this is neither conservative nor liberal. If you know better, you are telling a lie. If you trust the liars, you are some blend of naive, stupid, and gullible.

None of us on the outside have the inside scoop on the big picture. Maybe Ms Carano was a jerk with the other actors or with the boss. Maybe the bosses made a calculated decision the maximize corporate profit. Disney isn’t telling us, nor should they. It’s a personnel matter.

If we believe today’s news stories, Ms Carano has found alternate employment. Good for her. Hopefully, she finds colleagues in her new acting gig who will continue to take her aside and drop friendly advice about being a role model and focusing on telling the truth.

This is the way.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Latest Cancellation

  1. M. Kelly says:

    Interesting. 30% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans believe there was election fraud. So many people are “naive, stupid, and gullible.” The election fraud went from “There was no fraud” to “There was no widespread fraud” to the current “There was fraud but not enough to change the election results.” Funny that.

    • Todd says:

      Reading comprehension, my friend. Fraud didn’t stain the election. Fraud always exists, but on small individual levels. A vote here and there. Total across the US, maybe a few dozens. Before the ex-president suggested voting twice, I’d say it would be pretty balanced. But my guess today is that Mr Biden got cheated out of nine votes. Give or take one or two.

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