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Fratelli Tutti 104: Equality Not Achieved By Abstractions

104. Nor is equality achieved by an abstract proclamation that “all men and women are equal”. I think Pope Francis is suggesting that actions are more effective than idealized sentiments. We also need to look beyond “equal” people near us. … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Psalm 102

I don’t recall ever devoting a post to Psalm 102 in the past. This lament has been awaiting a brief mention in this series on Pastoral Care of the Sick. It appears but once during Lent at weekday Mass, in … Continue reading

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A Lenten Word: Ezekiel 18:23

In our series on Reconciliation readings, we looked at today’s Bible passage here and here in a larger context, verses 20 through 32. In the Liturgy of the Hours, Psalms are primary, and readings outside of the Office of Readings … Continue reading

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CDWDS Looking Ahead

A lot of commentary on Cardinal Sarah passing into retirement from heading the CDWDS in Rome. As I wrote a few days ago, I don’t think this role is very high on Pope Francis’ priorities for the Church. I think … Continue reading

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