For The Next Few Months, Anyway

Grateful for a new friend‘s advice on dodging the heinous “upgrade” to wordpress. Master control had taken over the admin pages a few days ago. I had been dodging the new block editor by insisting on classic editor post by post for the past few months. Slightly annoying because on every post I had to verify that I really, truly, and madly wanted to do things the old way.

Maybe I could be convinced the new format would work for me. In principle, I’m not opposed to learning new stuff. And often (but not always) upgrades are really what they advertise: something better, quicker, faster.

The problem is that I have about 170 drafts in the queue and the new system was rendering all that “work” unrecoverable. Which would certainly have shut this place down.

I’m not sure I have a “right” to use a free platform like this. In its day I’m sure I generated ad revenue that made it worth their while to give it to me without monetary cost.

So, at least for the next few months, it looks like more content gets thrown up here.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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