Fratelli Tutti 130: Fifteen Steps

It’s an undeniable fact of a fallen world that people are threatened by sinful persons, groups, and situations. Here’s a bullet point list (points mine, list Pope Francis’) of what we can offer:

130. This implies taking certain indispensable steps, especially in response to those who are fleeing grave humanitarian crises. As examples, we may cite:

  • increasing and simplifying the granting of visas;
  • adopting programs of individual and community sponsorship;
  • opening humanitarian corridors for the most vulnerable refugees;
  • providing suitable and dignified housing;
  • guaranteeing personal security and access to basic services;
  • ensuring adequate consular assistance and the right to retain personal identity documents;
  • equitable access to the justice system;
  • the possibility of opening bank accounts and the guarantee of the minimum needed to survive;
  • freedom of movement and the possibility of employment;
  • protecting minors and ensuring their regular access to education;
  • providing for programs of temporary guardianship or shelter;
  • guaranteeing religious freedom;
  • promoting integration into society;
  • supporting the reuniting of families;
  • and preparing local communities for the process of integration.[Cf. Message for the 2018 World Day of Migrants and Refugees(14 January 2018): AAS 109 (2017), 918-923]

Here in the US, we are uniquely prepared to offer most or all of these. Churches are quite willing–I’ve seen #2, #4 effectively addressed. Resources we do not lack nationally or in local communities. What is lacking? The will, and in some cases, the intelligence to see the value in these virtues. 

All citations of Fratelli Tutti (which can be found on this link) are © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

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