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I Hope It’s True

I notice a politician from a neighboring state embarrasses himself on science. It’s not really news to see politicians tripping themselves up on things. These days, it’s often sex. Maybe the GOP is particularly prone to bumbling science. And sex. … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 127: Unrealistic Thinking

127. Certainly, all this calls for an alternative way of thinking. Without an attempt to enter into that way of thinking, what I am saying here will sound wildly unrealistic. For many reasons, many people will dismiss Pope Francis on … Continue reading

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On Tenderness

The apostolic letter Patris Corde came to mind when I saw this bit of speculation in church news today. There seems to be no end to musings about things really happening behind the scenes. But this bit from that first link struck … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 126: A New International Network

More testimony from the current and previous two popes. The frequent conservative complaint about charity that should be local and dependent on the generosity of the rich is rejected: 126. We are really speaking about a new network of international … Continue reading

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A Daily, Discreet And Hidden Presence

My pastor preached a bit on Pope Francis’ apostolic letter Patris Corde at Mass this morning. I went to the document a bit later today and found this morsel suggesting how apt it is for us to turn to Joseph in … Continue reading

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For The Next Few Months, Anyway

Grateful for a new friend‘s advice on dodging the heinous “upgrade” to wordpress. Master control had taken over the admin pages a few days ago. I had been dodging the new block editor by insisting on classic editor post by … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 125: Inalienable Dignity

Some of the following paragraph will surely convict some Americans of working against the value of human dignity. Even the adjective “inalienable” is germane here. No person can truly be turned into an alien. The worth of a person is … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 124: The Rights Of Peoples

What applies to the 1% and how the 99 are to be free to explore their own destiny on Earth also applies to nations, superpowers and small countries alike: The rights of peoples 124. Nowadays, a firm belief in the … Continue reading

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The Joseph Dispensation

So, some dioceses have recognized the importance of a liturgical solemnity, the level of celebration that bumps an ordinary Sunday off the ordo. During Lent all it might do is open the food gates. How does a Christian honor Saint … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 123: Affirming Business Activity

First, praise from the last three popes on “business activity.” 123. Business activity is essentially “a noble vocation, directed to producing wealth and improving our world”.[Laudato Si’ 129] God encourages us to develop the talents he gave us, and he … Continue reading

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Once I’d Recommend This Platform

… now I doubt it. I’ve been on wordpress for about fifteen years now. I write to keep myself exercised a little bit in the discipline. I’m not interested in dressing this location up with lights and bangles to drive … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 122: Access, Not Just For The Few

In 1987, Pope John Paul II criticized the fraction of the 1% long before big tech’s new billionaires burst onto the 21st century scene. 122. Development must not aim at the amassing of wealth by a few, but must ensure … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Psalm 42-43

Scholars consider the numbers 42 and 43 to be one psalm. How it got numbered separately, that must be a matter of the unknown stretches of religious history. The text is also to be found at the Easter Vigil if … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 121: Rights Without Borders

Today we look at a section titled Rights without borders. We seem to be discussing not only political borders, but ones of culture, sex, race, and any other fence of human creation that divides one group from another. No footnotes … Continue reading

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It’s not the March 25th version, but some kind of assessment of the CDWDS (the Vatican’s liturgy office) in advance of appointing a new head. Two PrayTell threads here and here. This kind of news used to poke my interest. … Continue reading

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