Pope Francis and Liturgy

At PrayTell, Rita Ferrone suggests Pope Francis actually has an interest in liturgy. Her most convincing moment:

(H)e approaches liturgical questions from a different direction than we may expect. He strives to make it easier for people to engage in the liturgy in a positive way that enriches participation. He is oriented toward helping the Church to flourish as a liturgical people. The vibrancy he tries to foster is found in the inner dynamic of faith that informs liturgical practice.

I would think (and hope) that every priest and liturgist would have these goals in mind, regardless of their stance on traditional or contemporary practice or some blend of the two. Everybody wants vibrancy of faith. The difference is that for some people, they disbelieve that this can occur outside of their choice of style.

My own observation is that the power of the liturgical police has been lessened. Under the previous two popes, it was actually an encouraged practice to tattle on one’s priest or bishop. Today, I would suppose fewer bishops care about busybodies. I’d say there’s a decent amount of freedom from bullies these days. They’ve gone off into their little groups and engaged in ideological cannibalism. Or they’ve engaged Trumpism, and the fantasies generated and encouraged by it.

I think it’s more of an Ignatian thing to let things happen. Silly interference isn’t really a discernment way.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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