Invoking Joseph

My wife alerted me to this news about my baptismal patron:

The (CDWDS) presented the new invocations to Pope Francis, who approved their integration into the Litany of Saint Joseph.

The new invocations, originally in Latin, are as follows:

  • Custos Redemptoris
  • Serve Christi
  • Minister salutis
  • Fulcimen in difficultatibus
  • Patrone exsulum
  • Patrone afflictorum
  • Patrone pauperum

These could be translated as:

  • Guardian of the Redeemer
  • Servant of Christ
  • Minister of salvation
  • Support in difficulties
  • Patron of exiles
  • Patron of the afflicted
  • Patron of the poor

With these additions, the invocations in the Litany to St. Joseph now rise to 31.

The original litany is here. I suppose there’s a thing with one invocation for each day of the month of May.

Here’s a question for you: how official is this litany and others like it? Does the Vatican dicastery for liturgy really need to approve how we think of Saint Joseph and other saints? How strict are these lists of invocations? How stringent are the translation requirements? The CDWDS:

It will be the responsibility of the Episcopal Conferences to see to the translation and publication of the Litany in the languages which are within their competency; these translations do not require the confirmation of the Apostolic See.

That seems right. Conferences may also add invocations used in their own countries. One proviso:

Such additions should be made in the proper place and preserve the literary genre of the Litany.

Any readers pray the Litany of Saint Joseph? Anybody aware of musical settings?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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