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Missing Liturgy Documents

Every so often, my energy for writing here returns. I was looking over the archives and the lists of liturgy documents summed up and yet to be considered. It’s been some time since I’ve had a Church treatise on worship … Continue reading

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I noticed that GOP Senator Susan Collins spoke in favor of returning the District of Columbia to the state of Maryland. In this way, the people of the city of Washington get representation in Congress, but not two extra Senators. … Continue reading

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That Takeover Of Europe

I was noticing on social media some comment about a Muslim takeover of Europe. Falling birthrates, immigration, sadness over the fading influence of Christianity. Stuff like that. It seems that every so often, a commentator drops in on this site … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 161: Short-Term Gains

Modern culture is focused, almost to obsession, on achieving immediate goals and ignoring the difficult and challenging task of addressing complex problems that will require patience, planning, and commitment.  161. Another sign of the decline of popular leadership is concern … Continue reading

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