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Rick Santorum, Non-Smoker

Note: this post does not endorse the activity of inhaling the smoke of burned leaves native to the Americas. Or support of Big Tobacco in its efforts to enslave the world to nicotine. If a North Carolina senator tried to … Continue reading

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Populorum Progressio 1-2: The Church’s Concern

Why did Pope Paul VI write this document? What was important about the period of 1965-67 when it was germinating in his thought? For most of us readers, even those alive at the time, this has become a matter of … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 165: True Charity

What is true charity? I often hear an echo of the very apt question, “When is help unhelpful?” It seems one must get to know the people involved in charity, perhaps even more than the resources one has at hand … Continue reading

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