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The Wrong Person?

Every so often, I would encounter a person who dropped out of the Confirmation process in the parish. The reasons varied. Usually it meant the young woman or man was taking their commitment seriously to do reflection on what the … Continue reading

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Populorum Progressio 25: The Value of Industrialization

To be sure, technological progress is an objective good. It permits people to labor less and devote more time for the pursuits of civilization: art, family, leisure, travel, rest, recovery from illness, retirement, etc.. We also learn more about the … Continue reading

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Music In The Heavens

In pop culture, the star Vega is the source of the extra-terrestrial transmission that ultimately sends actor Jodie Foster on her wormhole journey to first contact. Why the aliens or author Carl Sagan would choose that star, who knows? It’s … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 188: Fundamental Human Rights

Springing off yesterday’s discussion on charity, education, and subsidiarity … 188. These considerations help us recognize the urgent need to combat all that threatens or violates fundamental human rights. Recently, we’ve seen pushback on this. Teens at work are not … Continue reading

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