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Near Ganymede

When NASA announced the Jupiter orbiter mission, I wondered if any part of it was going to be devoted to the moons. Monday’s flyby of Ganymede was a surprise to me. Does it look different from Earth’s moon? image credit: … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 191: Respect For Others

191. At a time when various forms of fundamentalist intolerance are damaging relationships between individuals, groups and peoples, let us be committed to living and teaching the value of respect for others, a love capable of welcoming differences, and the … Continue reading

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Populorum Progressio 27: Nobility Of Work

When we discuss the “Nobility of Work,” it’s important to be discerning about it. Nobility is something God-given. It is not an excuse for forty hours good, eighty hours better. It isn’t a justification for slavery, either self-imposed or insisted … Continue reading

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