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Imaginary Planet

I hesitate to list this under “astronomy.” Pictures of dirt, really, run through various tweaks and dropped into paint 3d. After a few dozen planets, I’m getting more the hang of this.

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Populorum Progressio 31: More On Reform

31. Everyone knows, however, that revolutionary uprisings—except where there is manifest, longstanding tyranny which would do great damage to fundamental personal rights and dangerous harm to the common good of the country—engender new injustices, introduce new inequities and bring new … Continue reading

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That Phone Number, Please?

Honestly, the lack of knowledge demonstrated by some Republicans these days (not to mention finesse) makes me wonder. Governor Noem from twitter: A little geography lesson, recalling that we often cite Columbus or Leif Eriksen as discoverers of “America,” despite … Continue reading

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Some weeks ago, my health insurance provider suggested I might like to save money on my parish’s twice-monthly premiums. So I signed on to the app that tracks my sleep. (Slightly creepy, and not really accurate–it doesn’t count naps. Plus, … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 195: Great Goals and Small Acts

Is it possible to temper high expectations? 195. All this can help us realize that what is important is not constantly achieving great results, since these are not always possible. Big results, well-publicized, get votes and possibly resources. The contrast … Continue reading

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