Even The Non-Believers Cry

Image result for match burningA friend on social media alerted me to this latest church burning incident as reported on Church POP. The site cited a neighbor:

As someone from an indigenous background I clearly don’t condone what the Catholic Church has done but this type of destructive act is completely unnecessary. I am ABSOLUTELY heartbroken. I grew up in the Morinville area and this church was a huge part of my family’s life. My parents would be devastated. So, so, sad. 🥺 I can’t stop crying…”

It is posited that news of this horror has sparked acts of arson against church buildings in Canada, possibly including this latest one in Alberta.

It seems clear that the world has many angry people. Some of whom feel such a desperation that lashing out with arson and other damage is the only voice they have left to offer. And some lashing out are likely not thinking and acting with full connections to sanity.

All that said, I’m a skeptic that forcing Christians or Catholics to an inward-facing lament is the best way to go forward. Jesus might cite that even pagans and unbelievers cry when their precious buildings burn down. The Christian genius is that we are able to cry and mourn when native burial grounds are threatened by pipelines and developments, or sacred lands violated with crowds of white When mosques are vandalized or synagogues attacked. Do we mourn with native peoples, Jews, Muslims, and even non-believers when they weep? And if we don’t, have we shown ourselves no better or different than any other person?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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