Fratelli Tutti 214: Agreement With Agnostics

214. To agnostics, this foundation could prove sufficient to confer a solid and stable universal validity on basic and non-negotiable ethical principles that could serve to prevent further catastrophes.

Seeking common ground with non-believers and skeptics: this is important work for the cause of humanity, but also for attracting people to the cause of Jesus. This is the Christian case, not constrictions but freedom:

As believers, we are convinced that human nature, as the source of ethical principles, was created by God, and that ultimately it is he who gives those principles their solid foundation. [As Christians, we also believe that God grants us his grace to enable us to act as brothers and sisters.] This does not result in an ethical rigidity nor does it lead to the imposition of any one moral system, since fundamental and universally valid moral principles can be embodied in different practical rules. Thus, room for dialogue will always exist.

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