Fratelli Tutti 215: A New Culture

Today, a new heading: A NEW CULTURE

215. “Life, for all its confrontations, is the art of encounter”. [VINICIUS DE MORAES, Samba da Benção, from the recording Um encontro no Au bon Gourmet, Rio de Janeiro (2 August 1962)]

Now we are getting into comfortable territory for a Jesuit. Before the internet age, most interpersonal encounters for nearly all persons was in the flesh. And letters, secondarily over the past century or so as literacy spread. Now we have widespread literacy, and more: a facility with computers. These impersonal communication methods hinder the possibilities of association despite differences.

I have frequently called for the growth of a culture of encounter capable of transcending our differences and divisions. This means working to create a many-faceted polyhedron whose different sides form a variegated unity, in which “the whole is greater than the part”. [Evangelii Gaudium 237]

Envision a bit of geometry:

The image of a polyhedron can represent a society where differences coexist, complementing, enriching and reciprocally illuminating one another, even amid disagreements and reservations. Each of us can learn something from others. No one is useless and no one is expendable. This also means finding ways to include those on the peripheries of life. For they have another way of looking at things; they see aspects of reality that are invisible to the centers of power where weighty decisions are made.

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