Traditionis Custodes Drops

It’s been rumored for weeks, months, maybe years. The new motu proprio dropped this morning with an unofficial translation into English. We’ll look at it in the days ahead. My quick read: the local bishop is the proper authority for how the Traditional Latin Mass is offered. Some changes are to be implemented, including a limited use of the vernacular. Clergy who use the old rite must be vetted by their bishop. A very quick glance of a few social media outlets finds the spectrum between livid/hateful and relief. 

I think some TLM advocates who were indeed focused on the liturgy itself, and not the political vector, might find themselves hurt more for the behavior of others rather than their own aspirations.

To be clear: I think the desire for beauty, authenticity, and tradition is a good impulse. Likewise fleeing from prayer poorly done. Expressing a wish that people would die–either individuals or a whole generation or two–this is seriously twisted. 

Difficult times ahead for some Catholics: pope, bishops, and TLM devotees. St Anthony of Padua, help us find our unity, and pray for us.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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