Fratelli Tutti 219: Eventual Consequences

Many people are taken by surprise when a people rises up in protest. Let’s recall that so many Americans allowed themselves to be bothered with athletes taking a non-violent stance in support of racial justice. Clearly, the violence that resulted was perceived as an outrage, even a random act of injustice. But it wasn’t. It doesn’t take a social scientist to realize pent-up emotions can explode. Those of us who have been good parents recognize it in our own flesh and blood. 

219. When one part of society exploits all that the world has to offer, acting as if the poor did not exist, there will eventually be consequences. Sooner or later, ignoring the existence and rights of others will erupt in some form of violence, often when least expected.

Protected classes can be surprised. Especially when they have not walked with the oppressed or in their shoes.

Liberty, equality and fraternity can remain lofty ideals unless they apply to everyone. Encounter cannot take place only between the holders of economic, political or academic power. Genuine social encounter calls for a dialogue that engages the culture shared by the majority of the population. It often happens that good ideas are not accepted by the poorer sectors of society because they are presented in a cultural garb that is not their own and with which they cannot identify.

Like vaccines, eh?

A realistic and inclusive social covenant must also be a “cultural covenant”, one that respects and acknowledges the different worldviews, cultures and lifestyles that coexist in society.

All citations of Fratelli Tutti (which can be found on this link) are © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

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