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Populorum Progressio 58: Free Trade Concept Inadequate

Heresy for US conservatives, all the way back in 1967: 58. It is evident that the principle of free trade, by itself, is no longer adequate for regulating international agreements. For many conservatives, it is far from evident. In fact, … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Another Surge

Why not? Because 2020 was so much fun, especially for health care workers. Last time I checked, the operation for vaccines was developed under Mr Trump’s administration. So I find it super curious so many of the man’s ideological supporters … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 222: Recovering Kindness

In writing of Recovering Kindness, Pope Francis takes us to the end of his sixth chapter.  222. Consumerist individualism has led to great injustice. Other persons come to be viewed simply as obstacles to our own serene existence; we end … Continue reading

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Traditionis Custodes 3§1: An Important Determination

Article 3 outlines six directives tasked to the local ordinary. We will cover these carefully, one at a time.  Art. 3. The bishop of the diocese in which until now there exist one or more groups that celebrate according to … Continue reading

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