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Populorum Progressio 59-60: Justice at Every Level

In discussing “Justice at Every Level,” Pope Paul begins with a reference to a predecessor, and the notion that what holds true for two individuals in an unequal relationship also fits the bill when we look at the disparity between … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 223: A Fruit Of The Spirit

In the midst of a very tense letter to an ancient Christian community, Saint Paul offered a lovely meditation on where to find evidence of the Third Person. Here’s one word from a collection: 223. Saint Paul describes kindness as … Continue reading

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Traditionis Custodes 3§2: TLM Locations

This sub-article is one of the directives getting the most attention and the most fuss. §2. (The bishop) is to designate one or more locations where the faithful adherents of these groups may gather for the eucharistic celebration (not however … Continue reading

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