Traditionis Custodes 3§2: TLM Locations

This sub-article is one of the directives getting the most attention and the most fuss.

§2. (The bishop) is to designate one or more locations where the faithful adherents of these groups may gather for the eucharistic celebration (not however in the parochial churches and without the erection of new personal parishes);

Working from the back to front, no new TLM parishes seems clear. More difficult seems to be the separation of the 1962 Missal celebrations from parish churches. This will be a difficult move. Many good parishes have both 2002 and 1962 Missals in use on Sundays. Some Catholics would count that a success. Often the architecture of older churches makes this a good fit for the TLM. 

If this directive were applied strictly, the only place left for the TLM could be chapels, such as those on college campuses or in religious houses. Also daily Mass chapels in larger parishes. 

The letters I’ve seen over the past few days from bishops indicate they are telling people continue celebrating as you have been doing; the matter is up for study.

The approved English translation is here

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