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Populorum Progressio 61: One Standard For All

“One Standard for All,” a standard easier to mention in person rather than apply in reality. 61. Now in this matter one standard should hold true for all. What applies to national economies and to highly developed nations must also … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 224: Kindness, Continued

Concluding both this sixth chapter and the topic of kindness: 224. Kindness frees us from the cruelty that at times infects human relationships, from the anxiety that prevents us from thinking of others, from the frantic flurry of activity that … Continue reading

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Traditionis Custodes 3ยง3: Calendar and Readings

This sub-article informs us that the bishop sets the calendar for Masses celebrated with the 1962 Missal. The note on the first part refers to prayers for saints, suggesting that the deciding factor is the liturgical calendar, not particular weekdays, … Continue reading

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