Traditionis Custodes 3§6: No New Groups

The shortest direction given to the local bishop:

§6. to take care not to authorize the establishment of new groups.

Even before Traditionis Custodes hit, there was a lot of survey, sputter, misinformation, and counterclaims on just how many Catholics worship in the traditional form. Supposedly it is rare in the Third World. Statistics compiled by TLM advocates seem to back this up: most communities are in the US and Western Europe. After a bump following 2007’s Summorum Pontificum, attendance levelled out or dropped, depending on the source.

I’ve read about complaints that not every bishop weighed in on the survey. But if there were no celebrations of the 1962 Missal in a diocese, was there a need to respond?

New groups: this seems to cover not only parishes, but designated communities. So, do any readers have an awareness of recent TLM communities forming near them? Is this a real issue or does it just impose a ceiling on the wideness of the celebration?

The approved English translation is here

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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