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Traditionis Custodes 4: Newly Ordained Priests

Art. 4. Priests ordained after the publication of the present Motu Proprio, who wish to celebrate using the Missale Romanum of 1962, should submit a formal request to the diocesan Bishop who shall consult the Apostolic See before granting this … Continue reading

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Populorum Progressio 65: The Artisans of Destiny

65. That is the goal toward which we must work. An ever more effective world solidarity should allow all peoples to become the artisans of their destiny. Up to now relations between nations have too often been governed by force; … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Mass was one many Catholics know to avoid. The AC out at church? Music director on vaca? Nope. One of the four narratives of the multiplication of the loaves. Look out: here comes another edition of the Miracle of … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 227: Truth, Companion To Justice And Mercy

227. “Truth, in fact, is an inseparable companion of justice and mercy. All three together are essential to building peace; each, moreover, prevents the other from being altered… I’ve never heard this expressed. It does make sense. Lies, after all, … Continue reading

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