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MR Prefaces: Ordinary Sunday III

Preface III presents salvation as preface II does but with a different approach. The Missal’s wording is (sic) “salvation of man by a man.” The Latin doesn’t have that title. In fact it doesn’t even mention¬†homo in the text. The … Continue reading

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Populorum Progressio 82: An Appeal To Other Christians and Believers

In his words “To Other Christians and Believers,” Pope Paul VI makes two suggestions. First to Protestants, Orthodox, and Anglicans, an invitation to work side by side with Catholics to minimize sin and emphasize virtues: 82. All Our Christian (sisters … Continue reading

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TC Letter 8: A Final Reason, Unity

Heading into this final concern of Pope Francis, it’s important to sort out a distinction between unity and uniformity. The latter involves people doing virtually the same thing while heading in the same direction. Unity involves taking different paths and … Continue reading

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Strange Family

Living things are arranged into families. We know that today mostly based on genome sequencing. But a lot of the earlier groupings were spot-on because of obvious characteristics–a group of animals being clearly cat-like or flowers being like the rose.¬† … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 241: Legitimate Conflict and Forgiveness

Today, Pope Francis discusses legitimate conflict and forgiveness. 241. Nor does this mean calling for forgiveness when it involves renouncing our own rights, confronting corrupt officials, criminals or those who would debase our dignity. I think there can be some … Continue reading

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